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So what does it take to build Autonomous Systems?

Posted by: Jayanta Dey | December 11, 2019

Chandrayaan 2, India’s lunar exploration mission, has captured our minds and hearts in the last few days.

The rise of Multi-technology small cells - Opportunities and Challenges

Posted by: Jayanta Dey | March 19, 2013

Mobile data consumption continues to grow at an incredible rate. According to Cisco’s most recent Visual Networking Index (VNI), mobile data traffic will increase 13-fold between now and 2017. Mobile operators, whose existing networks and wireless spectrum resources cannot keep up with rising customer demand, are finding this rapid growth an enormous challenge.

Data Offload Approaches for Mobile Operators

Posted by: Jayanta Dey | August 22, 2012

The popularity of video, social media and Internet gaming across a range of new devices such as smartphones and tablets has created a surge of network data traffic. In addition, device to device connectivity – commonly referred to as M2M – is giving rise to a new universe of applications that will further stress network capacity. In the next three years alone, data traffic is expected to grow tenfold, creating a tremendous capacity crunch for operators.