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Don’t react to COVID-19. Instead, Reassess, Respond, and Recalibrate.

Posted by: Jayant Prabhu | May 27, 2020

Building bridges from “the uncertain now” to the transformed world we will all face.

Uncovered! The path to an intelligent enterprise

Posted by: Jayant Prabhu | June 03, 2019

Algorithms and analytics allow us to learn and adapt in a continuous loop, helping us make exponential progress over time. They are the backbone of the intelligent enterprise.

How to create business value from data

Posted by: Jayant Prabhu | June 03, 2019

The rewards for using data are big. Smart organizations are using it to improve user experience, personalize interactions, improve loyalty and usage, create better products and processes, improve quality, lower waste, leverage preventive maintenance and reduce costs.

Big Data - the Alchemist in Manufacturing

Posted by: Jayant Prabhu | August 05, 2014

Big data has arrived in manufacturing and in a big way. Needless to say that it governs the future of manufacturing as is clear from the Economist Intelligence Study commissioned by Wipro – ‘Manufacturing and the data conundrum’ where 86% survey respondents report major increases in collection of data and 90% respondents saying their companies have mature data analysis capabilities for many manufacturing processes.

720 Degree Customer View: Big Data unlocking the real potential for Utilities

Posted by: Jayant Prabhu | August 20, 2013

The telecom and banking industries were the pioneers in taking full advantage of big data to get a complete view of a customer. The Telecom industry, for instance, was the first to segment customers based on their life time value. This can isolate fringe customers who might be high individual revenue earners for the company, but who also came with high maintenance and servicing costs. Segmenting customers by life-time value rationalizes the revenues being earned by a customer today and looks at the long term attractiveness of acquiring or retaining a particular segment of customers.

Leveraging Device Data Analytics for Business Growth

Posted by: Jayant Prabhu | April 29, 2013

There is a virtual tsunami of data that businesses are creating. There is data from oil rigs, aircraft components, traffic signals, medical equipment, utility meters, network logs, GPS systems, mobile devices, check-out counters, video surveillance cameras, even elevators in buildings and the microwave in your home. This data from machines is unveiling nuggets of information that can drive business growth and lower operational costs. All it takes is analytics to unlock the chunks of insight that can give you a competitive edge.

What challenges should you worry about when moving to the Cloud?

Posted by: Jayant Prabhu | June 18, 2012

Today’s enterprise is no longer confined to the four walls of its corporate campus, but has grown to integrate business partners, customers and other parties into its fold. The focus on collaboration and interaction with business partners and suppliers is resulting in cross-enterprise applications.

Extracting Big Insights from Big Data

Posted by: Jayant Prabhu | January 05, 2012

?This is the age of big data. The volume of data generated by and available for companies to consume is staggering. It has been estimated that a massive 1.8 trillion gigabytes of data will be produced and replicated by the world’s population in the year 2011 alone. According to IDC, this is a nine-time increase over the amount of data produced five years ago. As companies struggle to manage this data deluge, there is also the risk of losing out on valuable insights that can be gained from it.