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How to make your IT organization digitally fit

Posted by: Govindaraj Rangan | March 04, 2020

Couple of years back, signals started pointing towards the Bimodal IT or Two-speed IT becoming irrelevant soon.

The Idea of “BiModal” or “Two-Speed” IT is nearing its death

Posted by: Govindaraj Rangan | June 02, 2016

The idea of BiModal or Two-Speed IT was born as a quick-fix for large enterprises to behave like startups and bring in agility to their business ideas without getting bogged down by the governance processes of their existing mission-critical IT.

Dynamic Multi Sourcing in “As-a-Service Economy” - A foundation for ITaaS

Posted by: Govindaraj Rangan | January 18, 2016

As more and more products and services start becoming available in pay-per-use utility-based consumption models, the real commoditization and consumerization of IT is becoming a reality. Sourcing patterns are changing from “buy” to “subscribe”, with the ability to source fast, fail fast and migrate fast between service providers.