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Spot the dot in the scattered #thenewnormal workforce

Posted by: Govindaraj Rangan | October 29, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the sharpest inflection point in the history of technology transformation. It is accelerating digital transformation, changing the ways of work and pushing us into the realms of unknown. Remote working was considered as a secondary option even a few months ago.

How to make your IT organization digitally fit

Posted by: Govindaraj Rangan | March 04, 2020

Couple of years back, signals started pointing towards the Bimodal IT or Two-speed IT becoming irrelevant soon.

The Idea of “BiModal” or “Two-Speed” IT is nearing its death

Posted by: Govindaraj Rangan | June 02, 2016

The idea of BiModal or Two-Speed IT was born as a quick-fix for large enterprises to behave like startups and bring in agility to their business ideas without getting bogged down by the governance processes of their existing mission-critical IT.

Dynamic Multi Sourcing in “As-a-Service Economy” - A foundation for ITaaS

Posted by: Govindaraj Rangan | January 18, 2016

As more and more products and services start becoming available in pay-per-use utility-based consumption models, the real commoditization and consumerization of IT is becoming a reality. Sourcing patterns are changing from “buy” to “subscribe”, with the ability to source fast, fail fast and migrate fast between service providers.