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Driving innovation and competitive differentiation through Inner Source

Posted by: Gilles Gravier | June 20, 2019

The world is leveraging open source to drive innovation. But, what to do if you can't open source? Inner source.

An introduction to a 20-year-old concept: Inner source

Posted by: Gilles Gravier | June 14, 2019

Organizations are leveraging inner source to significantly enhance the software development process of a large development environment by enabling distributed teams to develop software inside the corporate firewall in a much more efficient way. Find out more about inner source.

Why you really need a comprehensive Open Source strategy?

Posted by: Gilles Gravier | November 28, 2018

The popularity of open source has been soaring to tremendous heights with the vast majority of organizations today leveraging it some way or another.

Open Source for a New Society (Part One)

Posted by: Gilles Gravier | May 09, 2017

Open source has been around for years. In fact, decades. One of the first instances of it was actually called Free Software (free as in freedom).

Blockchain and banks are about to get a lot more interesting!

Posted by: Gilles Gravier | October 01, 2016

Banks have now started evaluating permissionless blockchain technology

Open Source community in two minds over Maria DB’s move

Posted by: Gilles Gravier | August 19, 2016

In a move to try and generate more revenue from its open source software, the MariaDB Corporation has decided to publish the version 2.0 of its MaxScale database proxy. It is aimed at providing vast scalability of database applications through load distribution and balancing, across a database cluster, under a completely new license.

Inside W3C’s workshop for Blockchain standards

Posted by: Gilles Gravier | August 12, 2016

An opportunity to attend a 2-day blockchain workshop, organized by Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, MA, in late June, provided a great insight on the need for a dedicated blockchain working group and the kind of standards such a group should address.