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3 ways Servitization can change the game for high tech players

Posted by: David Ranjit William | August 13, 2019

Subscribing to products as a service helps customers get more bang for their buck

Artificial Intelligence: Can it replace humans in industrial jobs?

Posted by: David Ranjit William | August 10, 2018

AI is at a narrow intelligence stage and we should look at AI not as a replacement to humans.

The Technology Revolution in Storage

Posted by: David Ranjit William | December 05, 2013

Smart devices, social networking, digital content, Internet of Things and machine data are fueling storage growth. However as enterprises move to the cloud and cut storage budgets storage providers will need to differentiate to arrest price commoditization. Consider the steep fall in prices – in 2001, 1GB of data was priced at nearly 20USD and 10 years later the same GB costs less than 10cents!