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Key Ingredients for a Successful Innovation

Posted by: Ameekar Charan | February 04, 2019

Innovation is a journey into the unknown. Very often, it is easy to get lost in the journey, unless the goal and the path is well defined.

Beyond Traditional Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP)

Posted by: Ameekar Charan | February 16, 2017

Recent years have seen enormous changes in the SAP world that are way beyond our traditional programming methods. Especially with S4 coming in, it has almost become difficult to keep up with new innovations.

Get into a 'Jam' Session

Posted by: Ameekar Charan | July 19, 2016

Organizations bank on SAP Jam not just to whip up interactions among employees but also to make social work patterns more efficient

Re-thinking User Experience for your Enterprise

Posted by: Ameekar Charan | March 30, 2016

The Gen-Y user community has forced all enterprises to re-think on their application interfaces. Now the designs in-general are slick and intuitive. However, what is not always clearly understood is that it is not just a jazzy screen that goes into making the User Experience (UX) a good one but that there is a whole lot more.