The information services industry, a haven of curated data and analysis, is contending with a mixed blessing: information is abundant, and yet that information can also be overwhelming. Manual processing and traditional analysis methods are becoming obsolete. Clients demand faster insights across ever-wider datasets. At the same time, they also experience user fatigue due to information overload, leading to decision paralysis.

Users of information services need tools that curate, synthesize, and personalize insights, guiding them towards actionable intelligence. At the same time, there is a competitive squeeze. New entrants are disrupting the market with agile, AI-powered solutions. Legacy players must adopt cutting-edge technologies to differentiate themselves and retain their value proposition. On this front, GenAI will be a powerful ally in navigating the data deluge.

Unlocking Potential with GenAI

The information services industry can utilize GenAI to automate content processing, personalize insights, enhance user experiences, and accelerate innovation. GenAI will ingest and analyze vast datasets to extract key insights and trends at machine speed, and share those insights in a legible way without a human mediator. The technology will leverage user data and preferences to tailor reports, alerts, and recommendations for each client's needs and interests. It will also enable more robust self-service. While chatbots are not new, GenAI-powered chatbots will be significantly more intelligent and responsive, providing 24/7 support and reducing wait times. Finally, GenAI will accelerate innovation by generating new content formats, exploring novel research avenues, and automating tedious tasks, allowing information services companies to innovate faster and stay ahead of the curve.

GenAI for Internal Efficiencies

Many GenAI use cases for information services will make the collection, analysis, and dissemination of information more cost effective. These use cases include:

  • Automated Content Indexing and Retrieval: GenAI can process and categorize mountains of data, including legal documents, financial reports, and industry news, enabling efficient search and retrieval for users. Imagine AI instantly locating relevant regulations within vast legal libraries, saving researchers hours of manual effort.
  • Predictive Analytics: GenAI can analyze customer behavior and usage patterns to anticipate information needs and deliver proactive GenAI-powered insights. This ability allows companies to efficiently tailor product offerings and subscription models, maximizing value for each user.
  • Automated Data Cleaning and Validation: GenAI algorithms can identify and correct inconsistencies in data sets, improving data quality and ensuring the accuracy of critical information. This capability enhances trust and reliability for users relying on the information for critical decisions.
  • Enhanced Fraud Detection and Security: AI can analyze user behavior and transactions to detect and prevent fraudulent activities, protecting sensitive data and ensuring user privacy.

GenAI for Enhanced User Experiences

Even as they maximize efficiency with GenAI, information services providers need to ensure that their products (such as subscriptions to research reports or journals) continue to engage users. Meaningful experiences lead to customer loyalty. GenAI will open up many new avenues for delivering data and insights, such as:

  • Interactive Data Visualization: GenAI can create dynamic and interactive dashboards, visualizing complex data sets in clear and engaging ways. Data visualization facilitates a deeper understanding and actionable insights for users. Imagine AI generating real-time visualizations of market trends, empowering users to make informed investment decisions.
  • Natural Language Querying and Summarization: GenAI can facilitate natural language interaction with information databases, allowing users to ask questions and receive relevant summaries in clear language. Natural language processing democratizes access to information and reduces reliance on complex search queries.
  • Personalized Research Assistants: GenAI can power conversational AI assistants that guide users through complex research tasks, answering questions, suggesting relevant resources, and tailoring the experience to individual needs. Imagine a research assistant that seamlessly navigates legal codes or industry reports, saving users valuable time and effort.
  • Automated Compliance Reporting: GenAI can automate the generation of compliance reports, analyze regulations, and extract relevant data points. Automation frees professionals from tedious tasks and allows them to focus on strategic analysis and interpretation.
  • Multilingual Support and Localization: GenAI can translate information and adapt content to different languages and cultural contexts, expanding reach and accessibility for global users—and ultimately service provider revenue.
  • Personalized Content Curation: GenAI can personalize content feeds and alerts based on individual user preferences and past interactions. Customized curation ensures users receive only the information most relevant to their needs, reducing information overload and fostering engagement.

GenAI and the Future of Information Services

In the information services industry, GenAI is emerging as a transformative force, offering solutions to the prevalent challenges of content explosion and user fatigue. GenAI will empower companies to deliver meaningful, tailored information to their clients and reimagine how information is curated, analyzed, and delivered. By embracing GenAI, information services providers can expand their audiences, deliver more value, and stay competitive in an evolving market.

About the Author

Aditya Viswanathan

Director – Media and Information Services, Wipro Limited

Aditya leads Media and Information Services for Wipro, where he drives transformations and delivers value for his clients. With over 20+ years of experience in the IT services industry, Aditya focuses on growing partnerships and managing client relationships across his sectors.  With his vast experience across media, information service providers, learning science, and education companies, Aditya brings in multidimensional experience. Before joining Wipro, Aditya was in various large SI companies in key roles in Delivery, Sales, and relationship management.