Even before the lightning bolt of ChatGPT, the winds of change were already sweeping through the media industry. Streaming giants and established players have been navigating a dynamic landscape shaped by audience fragmentation, content saturation, and the ever-evolving battle for attention. In this environment, the primary strategic struggle is to create compelling customer experiences with unprecedented efficiency.

That's where Generative AI (GenAI) enters the scene. GenAI offers media companies a game-changing toolkit that will empower them to revolutionize their operations and captivate audiences. This fast-moving technology can generate original content, personalize experiences, and optimize workflows, and it holds the key to unlocking new levels of efficiency and engagement.

Why Media Giants are Turning to GenAI

Content volume has exploded, platforms are proliferating, and audiences continue to fragment. These trends are straining the resources of all major media companies. As they seek new avenues to efficiently create and target content, GenAI will bring new capabilities across the entire spectrum of media production, from social media to live broadcasts and feature films.   

Every day, GenAI is being used in new ways to automate repetitive tasks like script generation, animation, and music composition. While GenAI is not likely to produce a critically acclaimed streaming series anytime soon, it is already making an impact on short-form content. Increasingly, it will be able to automate many simpler media assets, freeing media professionals to focus on marquee assets and high-priority creative projects.

The technology is also well-suited for efficiently delivering the personalized experiences that consumers now expect. Audiences crave tailored content, and GenAI can analyze user data to generate personalized recommendations, translate content in real time, and even dynamically adapt content based on individual preferences. As it further automates the journey toward media hyper-personalization, GenAI will also significantly reduce costs and improve turnaround times. As it streamlines production workflows and automates tedious tasks, it will give AI-enabled media companies a competitive edge.

GenAI for Efficiency

Traditional media — including audio and video streaming companies, PR firms, and production houses — are locked in a relentless competition driven by subscriptions and ad revenueThey need to produce compelling content and take reasonable risks while also achieving healthy margins. GenAI will contribute to strategic cost reductions by improving back-office efficiencies. The key levers will be:

  • Predictive Analytics: GenAI can be layered with analytical AI tools to better predict content performance, inform production decisions, and optimize marketing campaigns. Imagine AI forecasting box office revenue with higher accuracy, leading to targeted resource allocation and reduced financial risk.
  • Automated Content Creation: GenAI can already draft scripts and storyboards that accelerate the early stages of content creation, particularly for short-form media. Automating aspects of content creation will alleviate manual tasks for human content creators, allowing them to focus on higher-level projects.
  • Personalized Content Operations: GenAI can further automate content tagging, indexing, and search functionalities, enabling studios to efficiently manage vast libraries and personalize content access for users.
  • Fraud Detection and Security: AI can analyze financial transactions and user behavior to detect fraudulent activities and protect intellectual property. This safeguards valuable assets and reduces financial losses. When it comes to use cases like fake news detection, GenAI will play a critical role in social media operations.
  • Data-Driven Talent Management: As in other industries, GenAI can analyze talent performance data to identify high-potential individuals and tailor training programs, fostering a more dynamic and engaged workforce.

GenAI for Customer Experience

For media companies, efficiency alone is meaningless. In the end, they need to engage audiences. Here, too, GenAI brings numerous exciting capabilities to the table, such as:

  • Personalized Recommendations: GenAI-powered recommendation engines can curate content suggestions based on individual viewing history and preferences. This personalized experience keeps audiences engaged and drives deeper satisfaction. Imagine GenAI instantly generating personalized trailers and video descriptions based on individual viewing preferences, increasing engagement.
  • Interactive Storytelling: GenAI can create dynamically branching narratives in games or interactive films, tailoring the story to individual choices and fostering deeper emotional connection. Imagine an AI-powered thriller where each viewer’s choices dictate the protagonist's fate, creating a truly unique viewing experience.
  • Hyper-Realistic Visual Effects: AI can automate repetitive tasks in animation and visual effects, freeing up resources for more complex scenes. This enhances the realism and emotional impact of the storytelling.
  • Accessible Content Experiences: AI tools can generate audio descriptions, closed captions, and personalized subtitles on the fly, making content accessible to a wider audience and fostering inclusivity. With mobile use continuing to expand around the world, the translation capabilities of GenAI will be a monumental advancement: Imagine real-time dubbing and captioning for every major language group in our multi-lingual global media market.
  • Real-Time Audience Engagement: AI-powered sentiment analysis can gauge audience reactions to live events or streaming content, providing valuable insights for real-time adjustments and interactive experiences. Imagine automating a live social media campaign for a high-stakes sporting event using GenAI-selected video clips combined with AI-generated text, music, and voiceover.

The Transformative Power of GenAI in Media

The transformative power of GenAI is poised to revolutionize the media industry, enabling media companies to respond to the challenge of content oversaturation, deliver hyper-personalized experiences, supercharge data-driven decision-making, and achieve remarkable new operational efficiencies. GenAI brings a truly game-changing toolkit, and the media companies that fully leverage this toolkit will gain a durable edge in a highly competitive market.

About the Author

Aditya Viswanathan

Director – Media and Information Services, Wipro Limited

Aditya leads Media and Information Services for Wipro, where he drives transformations and delivers value for his clients. With over 20+ years of experience in the IT services industry, Aditya focuses on growing partnerships and managing client relationships across his sectors.  With his vast experience across media, information service providers, learning science, and education companies, Aditya brings in multidimensional experience. Before joining Wipro, Aditya was in various large SI companies in key roles in Delivery, Sales, and relationship management.