Yamaha Builds an Enlightened Approach to Customer Service

Yamaha’s partnership with Wipro is built on a shared passion for innovation and a relentless focus on the customer.

With a track record dating back to 1955, Yamaha Motor Co. takes its commitment to its customers seriously. Yamaha provides responsive customer support for products that can last for decades – and that means fielding endless support calls from dealers and customers. 

Together, Wipro and Yamaha joined forces to revolutionize customer service through technology. Wipro’s solution alleviated call center bottlenecks, ensuring that dealers have instant access to crucial product information. The solution drew on Oracle Service Cloud, Knowledge Advance, and Smart Access to completely reshape how service techs find and share product information. The outcome? An impressive repository of 35,000 articles at dealers' fingertips, a substantial 25% drop in call volumes, and 10,000 new chat transactions that have replaced labor-intensive calls.

Moving forward, Wipro remains Yamaha's constant transformation ally. Yamaha's dedication to superior service, complemented by synergistic technology partners like Wipro, is a driving forces behind its market-leading success.