At Wipro, we understand the challenges faced by financial institutions when it comes to risk management, compliance, and accounting. To move their businesses forward and compete effectively, financial institutions need to tread a fine line between growth and risk. This means unifying data and processes to get a single operating layer for finance and risk. That's why we have developed the LIBRO Solution Framework, a comprehensive platform that empowers financial institutions to streamline their processes and gain valuable insights from data-driven analytics.

The market is already realizing the benefits of a unified platform for finance and risk, with more than 60% of banks are now planning to move at least 30% of their applications to the cloud over the next three years. Source: IDC’s Global Modernization of Finance Survey


Over 77% of CFOs and CROs believe the finance function in their organization needs transformation

Nearly 85% of financial institutions believe modernizing financial operations is essential to compete in unpredictable markets.

70% of finance leaders believe unreconciled data hinders timely insight generation.

Powered by trusted Oracle technology, Wipro LIBRO is a single integrated solution for digital enablement with key capabilities offering

  1. Unified Risk, Finance, and Compliance System
  2. Integrated Finance Planning, Forecasting, and Consolidation
  3. AI/Machine Learning Capabilities and Reconciliation Dashboard
  4. Streamlined Financial Accounting
  5. High Performance finance ledger to manage global operations in single stance

Wipro Libro is enabled by powerful Oracle applications, including Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Oracle Analytics Cloud, Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud, and Oracle Financial Services. 

Eff­ective finance and risk reconciliation processes

Period close dashboard, Ready-to-use reconciliation reports for every stage, Templated financial reports.

Faster period close

Data quality & handling, Robust process controls, Automated report production, Continuous improvement.

Automatic data migration

Automated functional setup migration, Automated data migration.

AI and machine learning capabilities

Automation that covers Plan to control, Accounts receivable and disputes, Accounts payable and travel and expense processing.

Integrated planning, forecasting, and consolidation

Improved cost control, Faster, accurate financial statements.

Modern cloud technology and period-close bot

Simplified architecture using automation tools to reduce manual work and improve quality.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting

Wipro Libro will help you define a roadmap for your ESG journey.

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