In today's fast-paced business environment, the need to migrate SAP landscapes to the cloud is more critical than ever. Businesses are looking for trusted partners who can navigate the complexities of SAP and AWS technologies, ensuring a smooth transition.

At Wipro, we recognize the critical nature of this journey. We have made substantial investments in our FullStride Cloud Services, with a clear vision to help you propel your business into the cloud era, faster and more effectively than ever before. Our proprietary Safe Passage Framework for AWS is meticulously designed to guarantee not only your success but also a smooth transition to AWS—all while staying within the confines of your budget.

When you choose Wipro, you're not just selecting a vendor; you're choosing the gold standard in SAP on AWS deployments. With our support, you can channel your focus onto your core business processes, unburdened by the technical intricacies of SAP and AWS. Our comprehensive offerings empower you to optimize your SAP setups on AWS with unparalleled efficiency.

 The multifaceted advantages of partnering with Wipro

Safe Passage Framework

Discover the capabilities of Wipro’s Safe Passage Framework, assuring a seamless SAP migration.

Comprehensive Solutions

Learn about the array of tools and proprietary frameworks Wipro offers to expedite SAP on AWS migrations.

Strong Partnership

Delve into the robust Wipro-AWS partnership for SAP migrations, including SAP RISE scenarios.

Industry Experience

Wipro boasts a proven track record in deploying and operating SAP on AWS, setting us apart from competitors.

AWS Partnership

Partnering with AWS ensures our unwavering commitment to excellence, given its leading cloud platform status.

Risk Mitigation

We have deep expertise in handling large-scale cloud migrations, ensuring a successful and secure transition.

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