Enterprises are rapidly adopting Salesforce, but the AI and Data fuelled era presents unique challenges and opportunities. Wipro's AI Readiness Assessment Framework offers a comprehensive evaluation of an organization's AI readiness and maturity index, enabling the creation of a strategic roadmap for AI infused Salesforce ecosystem. This assessment plays a crucial role in helping enterprises achieve their long-term business goals.

Salesforce is revolutionizing customer nurturing by incorporating AI innovation into every phase, from lead acquisition to engagement. Wipro's AI Readiness Assessment empowers enterprises to effortlessly embrace the AI edge of Salesforce. It aids in strategic planning for organizations embarking on their transformation journey or seeking to scale with Salesforce. By assessing current business priorities, existing Salesforce ecosystem, and data readiness, our framework establishes early alignment on the impact and use cases for AI, resulting in a well-defined implementation and adoption roadmap. Leveraging our AI Maturity Index, Wipro provides accurate insights that set the right foundation for long-term success with Salesforce, utilizing AI technology to deliver a differentiated customer experience.

What We Offer:

With Wipro's deep understanding of AI, organizations can develop a prioritized roadmap designed to accelerate value realization with Salesforce AI. Our AI strategy blueprint and actionable multi-year roadmap optimize the delivery cadence. We offer comprehensive readiness matrices and multiple add-ons to unlock more business value. Enterprises can focus on developing business use cases, prioritizing business goals, and reimagining their AI-infused customer experience journey.

Engagement Benefits:

The benefits of this engagement are multi-pronged, including the ability to define and monitor AI adoption, prioritize the right Salesforce AI investments and value realization to improve customer experiences and engagements. 

Wipro’s AI Readiness Assessment for Salesforce Implementation

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