Wipro’s team of Decision Scientists/Engineers specializes in managing and modernizing your insights fabric. We go beyond conventional boundaries, constructing smarter insight platforms that empower self-service, fostering a culture of democratized insights. Our expertise extends to supporting business and process innovation through AI-driven applications.

How we help

Define your Consumption Fabric

Advisory Services to assess and define a new consumption fabric and framework to meet organization needs.

Modernize your Insights Platform

Advisory Driven Transformation through our WDIS solution and Transformation Office.

Manage, Adopt & Democratize Insights

Unlock the power of Data by Enabling self-service Analytics to empower users with faster decision making and right governance.

Generate Business Value through Analytics & Insights

Unleashing growth opportunities by harnessing Analytics and Industry specific solutions for business success.

Enable Insights Everywhere

Drive Data Driven decision making by embedding and augmenting insights into process and applications.

Unlock Consumption on the Cloud

Expand adoption and control costs by using cloud-native technologies.