March | 2020

Digital Voice User Interface will take enterprise human-machine interaction to the next level

Use Case 


Morning brief

Sales is up in USA and North Europe. France & Italy are down compared to last month. Revenue realization report is ready for review... shall I bring it up?

Setting up meeting

Voice, setup meeting with France & Italy Region Managers. Show me the Revenue Report and send a copy to my team

Send mail with message and link

Send a mail to the contracting company saying, tomorrow schedule is cancelled and share the new schedule.

Review the schedule of individual or store or depot

2 deliveries scheduled for today. First at 8am and another for 6pm

Answer specific question

Store Manager: Voice, how’s the inventory levels compared to last month?

Voice Assistant: Stock on Hand is 10% less when compared with last month

Bring up specific content on the device or screen

Senior Executive: Show me the revenue report

Voice Assistant: Showing the revenue report

Make calls

Voice bring up the stock report and call the Inventory Manager

Voice UX needs to answer the business questions directly and to the point
Data consumption naturally

SELECT 'Total sales for ' || Day || 'is' || sum(sales) FROM daily sales where Date = '23-11-2019'

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