Proudly announcing that after scoring top five in 2022, it’s moved to the second slot in this year’s report

The Whitelane Research and Timspirit IT Sourcing Study for France, a comprehensive evaluation of more than 600 IT sourcing relationships by 200 enterprises in France, honored Wipro with the #2 spot for general satisfaction and recognition as an exceptional performer among 24 IT service providers. Wipro was more than 5% above average, improving its position in this comprehensive, annual study.

Overall, Wipro clients evaluated the firm for services like digital transformation, application services, cloud and infrastructure services, workplace services and security services.

Managing Director for Southern Europe, Graziella Neuveglise, noted, “It’s an incredible achievement from the team. Wipro is committed to responding to client’s challenges from security services to all-out transformation, no matter how ambitious. Whitelane’s study has recognized our client’s satisfaction with our delivery in this study today.”

To gauge provider performance, the evaluation model incorporated several key performance indicators, among which 80% of surveyed Wipro clients noted satisfaction and in the Top Five for Transformative Innovation and Price Level. Wipro's ranking underscores its commitment to delivering high-quality IT services and fostering lasting client relationships in the dynamic French IT landscape.