The Whitelane Research IT Sourcing Study for Nordics 2024, a comprehensive evaluation of over 1000 IT sourcing relationships by 450 enterprise participants  and more than 1,300 cloud platform sourcing relationships  across all the Nordic countries, honored Wipro with the #4 spot for overall general satisfaction with 79%  (compared with industry average of 73%) score across all four countries and recognition as an ‘Exceptional performer’ among 35 participating IT service providers. In Sweden, Wipro received the highest score for general satisfaction, ranking as #1.  In Finland, Wipro continued its impressive run in last few years to be ranked among the Top 3 for 2024. 

Overall, Wipro clients evaluated the firm for services like digital transformation, application services, cloud and infrastructure services and workplace services.

Jef Loos, Head of Research Europe, Whitelane Research, said, “The IT market is changing fast, and clients want solutions that can adjust to their needs. Wipro's high position in Whitelane’s Nordic IT Sourcing Study shows their commitment to put customer at the center of the heart of their business model. With their innovative solutions and great customer service, Wipro has established itself as a leader in Nordics and indeed an impressive turnaround story based on strong leadership, local team and clear focus on executing their Nordics strategy. Congratulations to the entire Wipro Nordics team.”

“These impressive rankings are a validation of the trust our clients have in us backed by superior delivery and focus on customer delight.  We constantly aim to surpass client expectations and deliver business value backed by an operating model that enables local decision-making. We are proud on being ranked in Top 3 for Transformative Innovation, which is a noteworthy achievement in a digitally advanced market like Nordics. We continue to push the boundaries across the four Nordic countries." says Vinay Firake, Sr. Vice President & Managing Director, Wipro Nordics

Wipro emerged as the Top Performer rank #1 with an impressive 82% satisfaction rate among other industries (which encompasses Energy, Utilities, Telecom and Logistics sectors). This marks a notable 10% surge compared to the 2023 study findings. Among other sectors, Wipro’s strength in the manufacturing sector got strengthened with a top 3 ranking in 2024.

To gauge service providers’ performance, the Whitelane evaluation model incorporated several key performance indicators. Wipro was ranked amongst the Top 3 service providers for Service Delivery Quality, Account Management and Transformative Innovation.

Wipro has been present in the Nordic region for over 25 years, and currently has over 5,000 employees supporting leading enterprises on their digital transformation journey.