Finance leaders are increasingly drawn to the potential of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAl) to revolutionize insights, forecasts, and workflow efficiencies. Yet, concerns around security, bias, and trust loom large. Wipro's solution tackles these challenges head-on with a comprehensive framework designed to harness GenAl's benefits while mitigating risks.

Key Highlights:

  • GenAl Offerings: From Procure-to-Pay to Financial Planning and Analysis, Wipro implements GenAl capabilities across the F&A value chain, enhancing visibility and integration.
  • Responsible AI Controls: The WeGA framework provides guardrails for governance, including language model fine-tuning, hallucination reduction, and transparency measures.
  • Measurable Value: Real-world examples demonstrate significant improvements in revenue prediction accuracy, operational efficiency, and revenue protection.

While the potential benefits of GenAl are evident, the path to its widespread adoption requires robust governance and risk management frameworks like Wipro's WeGa to mitigate associated risks effectively.

Wipro framework tackles F&A leaders’ GenAI fears – A Report by HFS Research