Welcome to the future of retail, where customer expectations are evolving, trends are changing rapidly, and technology advancements are reshaping the industry. We present to you a spotlight paper, curated by IDC, sponsored by Oracle, in Partnership with Wipro, that addresses the top challenges faced by retailers.

The retail industry is at a crossroads and to stay competitive, businesses must transform to SaaS-based retail platforms. However, the journey of digital transformation brings with it a new set of challenges, both internal and external. This spotlight paper provides a comprehensive understanding of these challenges and offers practical solutions to overcome them.

Despite the hurdles, retailers acknowledge the transformation to SaaS because of the compelling benefits like improved agility, increased automation, and better integration and use of data. These advantages are helping retailers not just survive, but thrive in the face of adversity.

Join us in exploring the future of retail! Download the spotlight paper today to discover how with the right approach and tools, retailers can successfully navigate the changing retail landscape and emerge stronger.

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