Welcome to the IDC Spotlight on Cloud Security, proudly sponsored by Wipro and Palo Alto Networks.

Gone are the days when security was confined to applications, data centers and networks. The move to multi-cloud environments has transformed the landscape, creating a sprawling attack surface riddled with fresh risks and complexities.

Today, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) face tough challenges. They are tasked with securing access to applications, taming the wild beast of overall risk across multi-cloud setups, and safeguarding the lifeblood of their organizations – the critical data within these applications. The rules of the game have evolved and the stakes have never been higher.

Beyond the inherent complexity, there's an often-underappreciated aspect of cloud security: the evolving structure of applications. Safeguarding these applications in multi-cloud environments has become a daunting task. Just imagine the effort required to establish consistent configurations, access permissions, and policies across two Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environments and one on-premises virtualized environment.

The complexity of this multi-cloud scenario is exponentially higher, demanding at least 12 times the effort needed to secure a single cloud environment. As organizations worldwide grapple with these intricacies, we offer you a beacon of light piercing the fog that is multi-cloud security.

This is where our IDC Spotlight shines. Discover a modern approach to this multifaceted challenge through platform-driven cloud security solutions.

Join us on this journey to fortify your cloud security strategy. Download the IDC Spotlight today. Your secure future awaits.

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