Wipro was recently featured in the HFS Research POV “How enterprises stand to gain from Wipro’s commitment to GenAI.” The report underscores Wipro’s commitment to becoming an AI-first organization, highlighting our dedication to responsible and ethical use of AI. It aligns our internal AI strategies with the requirements of our enterprise clientele, demonstrating our commitment to driving success for our clients.

Wipro’s Journey to Becoming an AI-First Organization

Our transformation into an AI-first organization is a testament to our commitment to innovation and growth. We have trained 220,000 employees to basic levels in AI and have 55,000 expert practitioners who have already reached advanced standards. Our transformation is powered by partnerships, R&D, and the development of innovative solutions while advancing capabilities. 

Key Learnings from Our Journey

Our journey to becoming AI-first has yielded three key learnings:

  1. AI must be embedded in organizational culture: Successful AI implementation requires both top-down leadership and bottom-up engagement from employees.
  2. Commit to responsible AI: Our definition of responsible AI includes environmental responsibility. We govern social, privacy, security, and legislative aspects, and consider the energy consumption of the models.
  3. Align internal AI strategy with the needs of enterprise strategies: We have been building our internal capabilities and platforms while delivering solutions for customers.
Success with Clients in Implementing GenAI

The report also spotlights our success with clients in implementing GenAI, helping them stay ahead of the curve. Our AI solutions are ready to be packaged for enterprise consumption, contributing to the boom in GenAI-related deals we are experiencing as 2024 gets underway.

At Wipro, we believe in leading by example. We have invested heavily in our own transformation, ensuring that we have firsthand experience and proven success with the technologies we propose to our clients. This billion-dollar investment in our transformation is a testament to our confidence in the power of AI and GenAI. We are not just proposing a technological revolution; we are living it.