Throughout 2030, the population of senior citizens in the US is expected to grow at 2.5 times the rate of the broader US population, according to HFS Research. And while this disparity is not as drastic as it has been in the past, it reflects the ongoing challenge faced by American Medicare providers: What is the best way to connect with an aging population to ensure they have reliable access to the care they need?

HFS Research highlights Wipro’s MedAdvantage360 platform as a powerful solution to today’s Medicare challenges, citing its “enviable compliance record providing critical functional capabilities (such as member management, benefits, and claims) to ensure Medicare beneficiaries can access the care they need when they need it.”

The report breaks down the various modules offered by Wipro MedAdvantage360, their benefits for healthcare providers and customers, and the extra steps Wipro takes to ensure support and security throughout the entire value chain. 

“Wipro has built a culture of 100% compliance by embedding it in its software engineering and testing process and maintaining heightened awareness through training, a trait reflected in its engineers’ pride and the company’s outcomes. Another attribute that ensures a competitive edge is the continuous upgrading Wipro invests in the platform.”

Read the full evaluation in HFS Research’s Highlight Report: Wipro’s MedAdvantage360 platform delivers impressive outcomes for Medicare.