In the ever-evolving Oracle ecosystem, choosing the right service provider is crucial. The latest ISG Provider Lens™ report provides a thorough comparison of provider strengths, challenges, and competitive differentiators across three key quadrants: Consulting and Advisory Services, Implementation and Integration Services, and Managed Services.

Highlights for IT decision-makers include:

  • Clear insights into the strengths and weaknesses of relevant service providers.
  • Detailed positioning of providers by segments, offering a comprehensive view of the regional market landscape.
  • An exclusive focus on the U.S. market, perfect for enterprises across industries seeking to evaluate Oracle consulting and advisory services.

This comprehensive research assesses the service maturity and technical competence of Oracle’s top-performing partners. As a strategic partner, Wipro stands out for delivering comprehensive Oracle solutions, integrating AI innovation, and enabling efficient cloud migrations for global organizations.

Oracle's applications and cloud infrastructure play a pivotal role in digital transformation, enabling businesses to improve processes, enhance customer experiences (CX), and leverage data for strategic insights. This report illustrates how leading Oracle partners, including Wipro, excel in providing tailored solutions, ensuring security and compliance, and driving innovation and ROI.

For those navigating digital transformation or seeking to improve their Oracle solutions, this ISG Provider Lens™ report is an essential resource for making informed decisions.

Download the full report to learn more about leveraging Oracle's technology and Wipro's expertise for business success.

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