As hybrid work continues to flourish, businesses must ensure secure access to their corporate resources across all devices and endpoints. This requires securely designed operating systems, endpoint management solutions, and collaborative applications accessible from all locations and devices. Modernizing endpoints is crucial for enhancing cybersecurity and ensuring that organizations can adapt to evolving threats and technology, ultimately safeguarding their digital assets and sensitive data.
Wipro’s Modernize Endpoints Advanced Specialization from Microsoft highlights the company’s proficiency in strengthening Microsoft Cloud capabilities, which are integral to supporting secure, remote work environments.

Microsoft awards these specializations to partners that demonstrate an exceptional ability to cater to the specific technological needs of their clients and meet Microsoft’s stringent requirements, including associates who qualify as Microsoft 365 Certified: Endpoint Administrator Associate and Microsoft 365 Certified: Administrator Expert, as well as Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Specialty certified. To achieve this specialization, Wipro also provided three customer references that demonstrated enhanced ability to deploy Modernize Endpoints solutions.

The Modernize Endpoints specialization is a testament to Wipro’s consistent success in delivering effective solutions tailored for the hybrid work environment. This is Wipro's 16th advanced specialization from Microsoft, reflecting a deep-seated expertise in delivering solutions that cater to the demands of a hybrid workforce.

“Achieving Microsoft’s Modernize Endpoints specialization is significant milestone for Wipro,” said Chris Dearing, General Manager, Microsoft Global Partnership Lead, Wipro Ltd. “It reflects our ability to safeguard the modern workplace — from securing operating systems to securing endpoint solutions and supplying secure access to collaboration apps. This also proves not only our technical aptitude, but also our success in managing access to corporate resources across mobile, desktop and virtual endpoints. A massive congratulations to the teams at Wipro involved in this accomplishment, from skilling and performance to building our compelling case references.”