Outsourcing end-to-end product line solutions

Hi-tech companies must address the impact of fast-changing technology on their products. And events like end-of-life/sunsetting, divestiture, rationalization and product IP buyout scenarios can further complicate an already challenging environment. These changes and events can affect a company’s ability to expand its market share by interrupting the ideal product roadmap, limiting the product portfolio competitiveness, complicating the integration of new products and services from acquisitions and potentially delaying the timely execution and delivery of new product development.

But the challenges don’t end there. Hi-tech companies face managing the demands of many teams that support their products. Development teams are moving the product forward, but sustenance releases are necessary to maintain the stability of a product. Often, the same team handles new development and sustenance, risking delays in the roadmap schedule and launching new products.

The Value in Product Line Takeover

Product takeover is an effective solution to address these challenges. And while some companies might hesitate to outsource their products due to concerns about product delivery per SLAs/SLOs, large companies in the security, enterprise products and network equipment space have used this approach for years. Capabilities like silicon, systems, firmware, software, cloud, security and AI are great candidates for a product takeover solution.

Many companies have engaged Wipro for product takeover solutions for over three decades. This extensive history has helped us build best practices and understand what it takes to execute these programs successfully. We have honed many solutions to address product development challenges. Here are a few examples.

  • As product complexity increases over time, technical debt becomes an issue. Assess this debt and address the findings at the beginning of the outsourcing transition to improve total cost ownership (TCO) and betterment targets.
  • Diminishing ROI on product sustenance is a common phenomenon. Address it by reimagining the product from the end customer needs perspective and leveraging technology to enhance product value.
  • Operational efficiencies like effective product integration techniques and validation cycle optimization can generate high value.

Wipro is uniquely qualified for product takeover with value engineering integrated into sustenance programs to yield significant cost savings. Product sustenance and carveout can arise in any geography. With delivery locations across the globe, Wipro can quickly align operations to a company’s needs.

Wipro’s product takeover solutions help companies realize their product development and delivery ambitions.

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