As modern enterprises transition to the cloud, IT teams are challenged in deploying and securing Google Cloud environments across all security domains.

Organizations need expertise to securely design, build and manage cloud environments based on the Google cloud security foundations framework. They must adopt security best practices to eradicate threats and security loopholes due to misconfigurations, and they need effective ways to validate cloud security risks in an error-free manner.

To address these challenges, Wipro has created the Wipro Google Cloud Security Pack, a code-based automation solution to enforce and govern security through a secure cloud foundation. 

Wipro Google Cloud Security Pack functions

  • Defines secure cloud architecture design (or reviews the existing architecture)
  • Automates deployment of Google Cloud-native security services
  • Curates cloud security guardrails and enforces them to perform a security posture review
  • Implements industry-specific compliance requirements such as GDPR, PCI DSS, and HIPAA
  • Provides a holistic, round-the-clock view of a secure Google Cloud environment

A solution for every need 

The solution is flexible and addresses industry-specific needs based on an organization’s requirements. Clients can use it for their greenfield environments or to enhance the security of their brownfield environments on Google Cloud. Wipro Google Cloud Security Pack offers a 3-step process:

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  • Advisory Perform secure cloud architectural review for your greenfield/brownfield environment.
  • Implementation/IntegrationDeploy Google cloud native security controls using Wipro-defined templates.
  • Managed Services Continuously validate compliance standards, including CIS benchmarks, NIST-CSF, NIST 800-53, and more. And, review the cloud security posture with Wipro-defined detective/preventive guardrails.

Wipro Google Cloud Security Pack key differentiators

Wipro Google Cloud Security Pack