Engaging, immersive experiences in any setting .

Transform your venue with Wipro VisionEDGE dynamic digital signage.

Wipro VisionEDGE gives venues greater control over how they process and distribute content at end points, empowering them to create superior experiences that better target audiences and engage them.

Our dynamic, omni-channel solution harnesses the power of edge computing to maximize content synchronization, on-screen layered content, targeted distribution, advertising revenue opportunities, and operational efficiency.

Create more immersive experiences that stick with customers and differentiate your brand by combining Wipro VisionEDGE with versatile, high-resolution displays.


Sports and Entertainment

Create memorable interactive experiences that engage fans and maximize revenue opportunities.


Simplify the traveller experience, improve operations, and create more opportunities with interactive, easy-to-use signage.


Create unique shopping experiences that engage customers with simple, targeted, omnichannel advertising.


Deliver immersive customer experiences with high-quality, interactive signage that is adaptive and easy to deploy.


Engage learners on their favorite platforms with personalized content and immersive experiences.


Make quality healthcare more accessible with digital signage that enhances and simplifies the patient experience.

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Unlike conventional digital signage offerings that focus on a limited number of content combinations, Wipro VisionEDGE delivers high-definition digital content across channels and offers a full suite of features to optimize how content is managed and showcased throughout a location.

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The Wipro VisionEDGE Product Portfolio.

Wipro VisionEDGE is a dynamic digital signage and omnichannel advertising solution that allows brands to transform the look and feel of a venue, creating truly engaging customer experiences that maximize revenue opportunities.

Wipro VisionEDGE Director Software

1. Coordinate, manage, and orchestrate customer engagements across all areas of your properties
2.Manage thousands of displays, digital media, and content delivery from a central control panel
3.Advertise to specific areas of a property with differentiated content and direct advertising and promotions to boost sales

Wipro VisionEDGE Digital Media Player

1. Display static and dynamic content throughout a property
2. Place and deliver various types of media, including targeted content, a synchronized video wall, or virtual ribbon displays
3. Offer feature-rich and robust endpoints, powered by PoE


Create new customer engagements

Better target your audience by dynamically customizing your venue to transform the consumer’s digital experience.

Drive new revenue to business opportunities

Utilize targeted branding as well as next-gen advertising and promotions to grow revenues and maximize your ROI.

Improve operations and lower total costs

Leverage our end-to-end digital experience solution’s advantages, with the capability to centrally manage and control all digital signage and content.

No two fans are same

From 1,000 to 100,000 and beyond, your attendees have one thing in common, they support the club. But are they all the exact same person?

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