Year at a glance

IT Services revenue

$10.4 billion

Crossed an important milestone
Operating margin at


after significant investments on
solutions, capabilities and talent
Closed 37 Large deals with

TCV of over
$2.3 billion


Reported growth at
year-on-year basis
Highest ever Net Income

$1.6 billion

in FY’22


Number of >$100 million accounts increase of 8 year-on-year


consecutive quarters of strong
sequential revenue growth at
or over over 3%
EPS for the year at


Robust growth of
17% year-on-year
Our Largest Acquisition CAPCO

grew double digit

in FY’22


synergy wins

Ambitions Realized.

For over 75 years, Wipro has believed in turning big ambitions into bold
achievements. Our brand campaign, Ambitions Realized, reflects our journey
as a company, and celebrates our commitment to empowering bold ideas and
the success of our customers, colleagues, and communities.

Case Stories with Ambitions Realized

Ambitions to unlock the next level of support realized

Capco improved access security and convenience for BankUnited customers.

NASA provided the data and topcoders discovered the comets

About Wipro

Wipro Limited is a leading technology services and consulting company focused on building innovative solutions that address clients’ most complex digital transformation needs. Leveraging our holistic portfolio of capabilities in consulting, design, engineering, and operations, we help clients realize their boldest ambitions and build future-ready, sustainable businesses.

With over 240,000 employees and business partners across 66 countries, we deliver on the promise of helping our customers, colleagues, and communities thrive in an ever-changing world.

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Our values

Our values encapsulate the Spirit of Wipro, which lies at our core. It is about who we are. It makes up our character and is reflected consistently in all our behaviour. The Spirit is deeply rooted in the unchanging essence of Wipro. It also embraces what we must aspire to be. It is the indivisible synthesis of our four values.






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Financial highlights


Chairman’s letter to stakeholders

One of the biggest challenges facing the world today is climate change. While it’s encouraging to see governments, business and civil society step up to the challenge, much remains to be done. Wipro’s climate change program goes back 15 years and has evolved into a mature yet dynamically responsive set of initiatives. In April 2021, we announced our goal of achieving ‘Net Zero’ greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.

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Rishad A. Premji


CEO’s letter to stakeholders

Wipro FullStride Cloud Services is a true manifestation of our vision of becoming a “Value Orchestrator” who can seamlessly blend capability and thinking across the two merging worlds of business and technology to help clients transform and realize new business opportunities.

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Thierry Delaporte

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

Our business strategy

Our vision

  • Be a trusted partner to our clients in their transformation journey
  • Orchestrate value to our clients through sector focused ‘Business solutions’, digital & technology capabilities, leading-edge innovation leveraging our strategic ecosystem partnerships, and world class talent
  • Stay resolute in our commitment to the environment, societies, and communities we work and live in.

We aim to realize our ambition through our strategy, which is defined in the context of our five strategic priorities:


Accelerated growth - focus and scale


Strengthen clients and partnerships


Lead with business solutions


Building talent at scale


Simplified operating model

Our key strengths

Business with a purpose

Wipro is driven by purpose and is recognized globally for its unwavering commitment to the environment, societies, and communities we work and live in. 66% of the economic interest in Wipro is irrevocably pledged for philanthropy. We are also a founding member of the ‘Transform to Net Zero’ alliance. Our deep resolve towards environmental, social, and governance aspects differentiates us.

Engaging & inclusive culture

Our bold and high-performance culture fueled by our Five Habits i.e., ‘Being respectful’, ‘Being responsive’, ‘Always communicating’, ‘Demonstrating stewardship’, and ‘Building trust’; and our focus on employee experience, upskilling/ re-skilling, and diversity & inclusion helps us attract, nurture, and retain best talent across key markets.

Orchestrator of choice

Our ability to orchestrate value for our clients by stitching together industry knowledge, technology expertise, and ecosystem capabilities to solve complex problems faced by our clients.

World’s leading open talent platform

Topcoder Talent Cloud community and crowdsourcing platform with over 1.6 million developers, designers, data scientists and testers. Topcoder provides focused enterprise offerings around AI/ML and analytics, Digital Experience, Quality as a Service (“QaaS”), workforce transformation, Talent as a Service (“TaaS”) and hybrid (certified) communities.

Technology expertise

A comprehensive and integrated suite of Business solutions powered by leading-edge technologies like Wipro FullStride cloud services, cybersecurity, data & AI, and engineering and R&D.

Domain expertise

Our portfolio of industry-specific business solutions such as Digital bank of the future, Open subsurface data universe platform for oil & gas, and Core modernization for Telco for faster 5G deployment

Strategic M&A

Our emphasis on strategic acquisitions to fast-track capability building in emerging areas and accelerate access to identified markets is our key strength. For example, Capco in Banking and Financial Services, Ampion & Edgile in Cybersecurity, LeanSwift in Cloud, CAS in Telco & Cable, and Rizing in SAP Consulting.

Innovation and IP

Our investments in developing Intellectual Property (IP) across products, platforms, frameworks, solutions, components, accelerators, tools, and apps such as Wipro HOLMESTM, Wipro virtuadeskTM etc. that enable us to deliver enormous efficiency and time-to-market advantage and drive innovation at scale for our customers.

Delivery excellence

A global delivery model, enabled by our 4M framework – which is Model, Method, Machinery, and Mindset. Model is about driving global, distributed, and boundaryless ways of working; Method is about agile and no-shore; Machinery is about leveraging our AI and automation assets; and Mindset is about problem discovery, customer intimacy, and constant learning.

Simplified operating model

We are a relationship-oriented, customer-centric, and an easy-to-dobusiness- with company. Our operating model is aligned to best enable our go-to-market and ensure proximity to our clients.

Wipro FullStride Cloud

Wipro FullStride Cloud Services bring together an extensive partner and hyperscaler network, unrivaled platform expertise and domain-specific insights to unlock the true innovative potential of the cloud. As ecosystem orchestrators, we enable sustained end-to-end value creation. Our services deliver tangible outcomes for unique business needs, enabling the transformation of organizations into agile, sustainable and intelligent enterprises. Wipro platforms, accelerators and partnerships underpin our offering and expedite your journey to success.

Cloud enabled

Cloud is the organization’s foundational building block and propels innovation and growth.

Data driven

Cloud enables seamless data flow across the business, unlocking deeper insights.

AI infused

Cloud-based AI/ML capabilities and automation models encourage innovation at scale.

Sustainability focused

The workforce and its execution partners have the tools to realize sustainable business operations.

Our capitals

We have used capital framework namely Financial, Human, Intellectual, Social & Relationship and Natural capitals to report on value created by the organization across its value chain. We have classified key material issues under these five capitals and report on our approach, policies, process and initiatives implemented under each capital sections.

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Financial capital

Financial resources we used in our business to create value for our stakeholders.

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Human capital

It covers the cumulative skill, knowledge and diversity of thought of our employees.

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Intellectual capital

It covers the knowledge, thought leadership, intellectual property rights, brand properties supporting the business.

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Social and Relationship capital

It includes our relationships with customers, suppliers, investors, and communities.

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Natural capital

The natural resources consumed to run our business.

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Stakeholder management
and materiality

At Wipro, we identify our stakeholders through the multiple lens of Impact, Influence, Interest, Legitimacy, Urgency & Diversity of Perspective. We converge these attributes with the context of our organization’s core business and value chain as well as in relation to emerging societal issues. Based on these first principles, we have eight identified stakeholder groups. The four extended stakeholders are also collectively depicted as Community or Society where we are embedded.

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