Private Banking

New standards of performance for Private Banking demand technological scale and agility. The complexity of services and products related to Private Banking has increased considerably. There is a renewed emphasis on minimizing operational and application costs, maximizing revenue and addressing regulatory requirements.

There is a proliferation of unstructured data, both internal and external, that is being leveraged by early movers using analytics to build business intelligence. These and other transformational changes are forcing the Banking business to adopt a strategy that includes both scale and agility.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Private Banking solutions are structured to deliver on the conflicting demands of scale and agility around IT strategy, infrastructure and support. We have built solutions in the areas of:

  • Front office applications
  • Middle office management
  • Back office management and support
  • Back office accounting
  • Asset servicing
  • Market and logistics management

Our advisory services have assisted our partners manage enterprise wide market and static data, corporate actions and complex event processing, build multi-class trading systems, exchange connectivity, algorithmic trading, dark pool connectivity, multi-market infrastructure management, settlement engines, internal compliance, risk management, regulatory compliance, etc.

  • Key Differentiators

    Key Differentiators
    • Wipro Private Banking advisory group designs and implements solutions to provide integrated front-end and CRM applications that provides a single customer view to financial advisors
    • Design and implement Advanced Analytics solutions to support financial advisory tools

    Services Offered

    • Partnership with Opera, and Advanced Analytics tool, to improve front-end productivity through machine learning
    • Financial planning tools - Voyant
    • Front-end analytics