Wipro Limited announces results for second quarter ended September 30, 2014

Press Release

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Analyst Data Sheet

Q2 Results Analyst Data Sheet


Media Presentation

Investors Presentation

Wipro Limited to Announce Results for Second Quarter Ended September 30, 2014 on October 22, 2014

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Earnings Conference Call

Earnings Conference Call Q2 FY 2014-15

Consolidated Financial Statements

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Wipro Wins a Strategic Ten Year Total Outsourcing Engagement with ATCO


Earnings Release Date

Quarter Ending

December 31, 2014


March 31, 2015

Earnings Release Date*

January 16, 2015, Friday**


April 21, 2015, Tuesday

Quiet Period***

December 16, 2014 till January 16, 2015


March 16, 2015 till April 21, 2015


*   All future dates are indicative only and subject to change
**  Earnings release after stock market trading hours in India
*** Quiet period ends at time of press release. Analysts are requested to plan communication events accordingly


Election and Exchange Notice

Shareholders can click here to Download Customized Form of Acceptance, Print, Select any one option, sign and send it to M/s Karvy Computershare Private Limited (Unit: Wipro Limited), Plot No:17-24, Vittal Rao Nagar, Madhapur, Hyderabad - 500 081. Contact person Mr V K Jayaraman.

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ADR - Treatment on Demerger

Postal Ballot

Wipro Ltd. announces demerger of its Consumer Care & Lighting (incl. Furniture business), Infrastructure Engineering (Hydraulics & Water business),and Medical Diagnostic Product & Services business into a separate company to be named Wipro Enterprises Ltd

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Demerger Briefing Call

Demerger Briefing Call - 1st November 2012