Boundaryless Data Center

With Globalization, emerging technologies, rising consumer expectations, and the need to effectively leverage the global value chains, there is need for a new IT service paradigm to achieve business outcomes. To successfully transition to this new business model, enterprises must reinvent their traditional DC service capabilities, extend their IT boundaries and embark on a new transformation journey.

How Wipro Helps

BoundaryLess Data Center is a new service paradigm which enables enterprises to expand its Data Center capabilities beyond the traditional walls of the enterprise data centers and its distributed sites to achieve desired business outcomes. This solution puts business services as a pivotal point, and provides a transformation path that is workload centric, hybrid, software defined and hyper-resilient.

Key Features

  • Business process and workload centric assessment framework
  • Cloud readiness approach that is aligned with workloads
  • Accelerated implementation based on joint reference architecture with Strategic Partner ecosystem
  • Wipro ServiceNXT Framework for next generation IT services

BLDC Solution Framework

The BLDC solution comprises of a thorough assessment of Business services, Workload attributes, Infrastructure investments and associated risks to build an IT blueprint that maximizes value of existing and planned investments. This also provides guidance on optimal usage of assets in the transformation journey by minimizing Capex. This solution brings in the ability to optimally place IT workloads that are currently residing in the data centers or remote sites into a combination of modernized legacy, on premise private cloud and public cloud, yet sourcing IT resources in a source agnostic manner with ease of managing and reporting centrally. This software defined approach in the BLDC solution accelerates the lifecycle of a given business service by enhanced automation driven by policies.

The service implementation is based on reference architectures that are tried and tested in our data centers. These are replicable solutions executed in our industrialized migration factory, which helps our customers realize quick wins in the transformation journey and is managed in our global ServiceNXT cloud operation centers.

Business Benefits to Clients

The BLDC solution provides business VALUE to extended enterprises with key benefits as listed below:

  • Variabilize daily, seasonal and industry specific workload
  • Achieve cost optimization
  • Leaner time to market for next gen applications
  • Uplift responsiveness of workloads
  • Enable business & IT alignment based on business characteristics