In Store Customer Experience

Retail is one of the few industries that have gone through tremendous transformation. What used to be a simple idea of selling goods to consumers in brick and mortar stores is now a multichannel experience including store, mobile devices, online marketplaces and more. The customer experience is one of constant change. And customers expect Retailers to keep up with the changes, regardless of the channel

How Wipro Helps

Smart Retailers know that the only way to survive the proliferation of multiple channels is to reinvent the in-store experience by offering a personalized experience that extends beyond what a consumer gets online. At Wipro, we partner with you to help you elevate the level of in-store experience offered. Our In-store Experience solution includes:

  • Mobile POS: In partnership with Toshiba, our seamless solution gives you the ability to deploy POS as a critical store component based on common data and common services at the enterprise, resulting in a single view of the customer, items, promotions, and pricing
  • Speak to Locate: Wipro's Speak to Locate is an in-store mobile solution designed to help customers easily find products and related information inside the store by simply saying the product name. Our solution enhances the customer's in-store experience, empowers the in-store associate with real-time inventory view and also increases sales conversion as the customer can make on the spot decisions using real-time offers and product comparisons
  • Snap and Learn: Wipro helps you simplify shopping by delivering product information to your customers at a snap of their smartphone. Using image recognition and pattern reading logic, our Snap and Learn solution enables shoppers to use their phones to instantly access relevant product information such as reviews and offers
  • In Store Navigation: Wipro's In-Store Navigation converges in store technology, augmented reality and location mapping to create a hassle free, in-store shopping experience for the customer's shopping list. The ease of product search leads to increased conversion rates inside the store
  • Credentials

    • Rated amongst the top service providers in Retail
    • 15+ years of experience providing business and IT services to Retail customers worldwide
    • 99% customer retention


    • Manage USD 27 billion online Retail business
    • More than 11,000 stores supported
    • 1,000+ successful projects: store, merchandising, supply chain, marketing and corporate systems
    • 10,000 + professionals with 50,000+ hours of combined Retail experience

    Enablers and Investments

    • Retail Innovation Labs and solution co-development
    • Retail academy to groom domain consultants
    • Centers of Excellence in key areas of Retail