Digital Mining Platforms

Mining operations benefit from deploying pre-configured digital mining platforms and products based on industry best practices. Solutions that demand minimum implementation effort, result in minimal operational disruptions and are backed by reliable ongoing support are what the industry needs.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro’s Integrated Mining Solution Architecture (WIMSA) is made up of the flagship Wipro Agile Mining (WAM) Platform, which is a SAP certified, mining best-practice solution deployed through a SAP Rapid Deployment Solution.

WAM is an accelerator for process standardization and implementation. The solution contains a set of templates to guide your entire SAP implementation and contains templates for program management and other solutions. We can reduce deployment time by about 40% with a likewise reduction in cost using our tailored methodology.

Wipro’s Digital Mining Process Model is a canned list of over 3,000 business process steps built using the ARIS toolset that covers 9 process areas. The model can be used to provide a head start to the business process architecture exercise

Key Features

Miners prefer SAP’s ERP platform and a common approach is to implement Financials, Procure to Pay and Physical Asset Management in the first phase of an ERP transformation, followed by Production Operations, Health Safety and Sales.

Our solution spans the complete business transformation lifecycle and offers:

  • Mapping business goals with transformation
  • Identifying legacy systems that can be made redundant via a supply chain solution
  • Integrating mining processes into ERP for added business value
  • Identifying Supply Chain and Asset Performance KPIs for measurement
  • Program budget estimation
  • Evaluating SAP over Ellipse; processes and functions where SAP is not the best-fit solution
  • Solution architecture for SAP; touch points of SAP with Mine Operational Systems
  • Industry-standard mining process and ready SAP solutions
  • SAP solution gaps and reuse of pre-built solutions
  • Pragmatic assessment of best practices based on company size and complexity
  • Tools and accelerators for reduction in implementation time
  • Support for Ellipse ERP

SAP considers us one of the best among only three partners for SAP implementation. We have developed additional industry best practices based on the common SAP ERP implementation challenges that Mining organizations need to face.