Sales and Marketing

Sales & Marketing practices in the Medical Device industry have changed in the past few years due to growing competition, pricing pressures, rapidly changing reimbursement and regulatory policies, and increasing influence of non-clinical decision makers. Improving efficiency and effectiveness of Sales & Marketing are key to success in this challenging environment.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Sales & Marketing offerings help you accelerate time to market, enable adoption of new capabilities and ensure cost-effective deliveries.

We help you with:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Key Opinion Leader Management

Our solutions help you stay competitive by extending your traditional Sales & Marketing capabilities so that you can tap into newer and non-traditional channels.

  • Customer Relationship Management


    We help you optimize customer interaction by revisiting your existing CRM strategy.

    Projects we have executed in this area include:

    • Business Process Planning and Transformation
    • Custom application development and maintenance
    • CRM advisory & package implementation from all leading vendors
    • Contact Center consolidation and optimization

    Digital Marketing

    We help you leverage technology solutions to increase reach and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

    Projects we have executed in this area include:

    • Campaign Management
    • Content Management and Digital Asset Management
    • Multi-channel Marketing

    Sales & Marketing Analytics

    We help generate insights from large amounts of data using business analytics. This results in improved targeting and increased efficiency of the sales process.

    Projects we executed in this area include:

    • Closed Loop Analytics
    • Sales Performance Analytics
    • Pricing Analytics
    • Promotional Spend Compliance
    • Social Media Analytics
    • Market Segmentation Analysis
    • Trade Promotion Management