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In a world driven by varied macro and micro economic pressures, business agility and scalability are key factors for success. CIOs are recognizing that for any organization, Cloud is the way ​to achieve on-demand agility and seamless scalability in operations. Our customers are beginning to realize the potential of Cloud to meet their need for standardization, variabilization and simplification of their IT footprint. The faster an organization finds comfort with Cloud technology, and begins to innovate, the sooner the payback will be realized. Cloud adoption is now beyond experimentation – it has produced quantifiable and measurable ROI, and accelerated the speed of innovation in the organization.

What we offer
At Wipro, we engage with customers to holistically examine their business needs. Our Cloud IPs, assets, solutions, and services are then tailored to meet these requirements, to deliver the key Cloud benefits of business agility, scalability, and flexibility, in a robust and secure environment.

Infuse Agility Into Your Digital Business with Devops

The transformation to a Digital Business requires organizations to absorb new priorities and align themselves to address rapidly changing business requirements.

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Are You Leveraging Enough Gamification in Your Digital CRM

Today, businesses are undergoing “Digital Transformation” to remain recognized in their competitive market and are looking at building "Digital CRM".

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Wipro on the Truth About Cloud Economics

This Wipro and HBR article focuses on 'The Truth About Cloud Economics'. Featuring Atul Sood, VP for Advanced Technologies, Wipro Ltd., the article talks about how companies

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SaaS Delivery – A Growing Opportunity

The lines between products, licenses, implementation, integration, upgrades, support and other services are being blurred by SaaS. In this article, we will discuss the key challenges

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Transform Your Enterprise into a Customer Company

Businesses that bring together diverse skills, knowledge, ideas and capabilities are the ones that best expedite collaboration and innovation to maximize growth and value

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The Cloud Way - How to Choose a Business-Led Model That is Best For You
The Cloud Way - How to Choose a Business-Led Model

Will the initial gains from Cloud technologies sustain over time? This paper intends to explore how current and future investments in the Cloud will benefit businesses

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Cloud Potential: An opportunity to Invent and Reinvent business

VirtuaDesk™ - Revolutionizing Desktop and Application Virtualization

Embark on your Social Enterprise journey with Wipro

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Variabilization is the transformation of fixed costs into variable costs, for greater ROI achieved by aligning cost with demand and providing an agile IT infrastructure that enables effective response to dynamic market scenarios.