Building Confidence: The Business of Resilience

Business resilience is a firm’s ability to cope with change, both expected and unexpected. This concept encompasses firms' abilities to avert and recover from disasters, and the ability to adapt as their markets, customers, partners and regulators change their requirements.


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Spectrum - Wipro Banking and Financial Services Journal - Emerging Markets Edition

Emerging markets today are benefiting from rising consumer power, a burgeoning middle class segment, and a growing young population. These markets provide huge, mainly attributed to the increasing openness and flexibility in the financial system, and a host of other societal factors, such as rising standards of living, increase in business travels, migrations, and so on.


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Infographic: Intersection of Technologies


Customer Centricity

The Data Storm

Cloud Potential

The Data Directive


Customer Centricity

Thinking Connectedness Across Product Ecosystem

Retail Store

Intersection of Technologies

Future Technology

Up Close and Connected

The Power of Analytics

Transforming the Data Center

The State of Cybersecurity in the Digital Economy

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