IT Centric

Retailers that understand the strategic potential of information technology (IT), integrate it into everything they do. Their IT investments advance their business goals and work seamlessly with already existing people and business processes. But this is not always easy. Every industry has a unique set of dynamics, regulations and opportunities to manage. Strong relationships between the IT leadership and fellow C-suite leaders are critical to success. Well-designed, properly executed technology spending helps ensure the right resources are available when needed, no matter what the industry dynamics are.

How Wipro Helps

At Wipro, we understand that strategic planning, decisive implementation and ongoing adaptability are the building blocks of smart IT investments. We pride ourselves on being much more than a system integrator. We are a business integrator. Wipro brings industry-specific IT expertise in a range of services including:

  • Strategy and Enterprise Architecture
  • Security, Privacy and Risk
  • Information and Data Management
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Business Applications

From strategy through execution, our combination of business and technology advice helps you achieve your technology goals, make confident decisions and capitalize on business opportunities as they arise.

  • IT for Channels


    With digitally focused customers, business success requires a focused digital transformation.

    Wipro helps you:

    • Prioritize a superior, seamless and relevant customer experience across all channels including online, mobile, kiosk, in-store, and catalog
    • Develop an integrated multi-channel strategy and roadmap with ongoing optimization to leverage the strengths of one channel to complement other channels
    • Align the Retail organization, its processes and technology to power the channel strategy
    • Develop actionable insights by gathering data and uncovering real customer needs, purchasing behaviors, and personal preferences

    IT for Marketing


    Today's connected consumers expect immediate access to content, which puts an immense amount of pressure on Retail marketing to deliver compelling customer experiences and be more reliant on effective and efficient technology.

    Wipro helps you:

    • Align both the marketing and IT functions to collaborate and bring to life a joint plan
    • Chart a plan for the customer's path to purchase journey and work with IT to identify improvement areas
    • Use data and insights to impact the journey in real time as well as decide on technology enhancements
    • Translate plans into business requirements so the IT and marketing teams understand the roadmap
    • Integrate the right technologies that give control around the context of the customer's experiences
    • Reduce time to market with more agility by continuous development and testing to ensure rapid progress toward goals set forth in the roadmap

    IT for Sales


    Wipro helps you streamline information technology and enhance performance across all channels.

    Wipro helps you:

    • Aggregate and analyze customer data to enhance differentiation with:
      • A single view of the customer
      • Context Aware Personalization
      • Path to Purchase
    • Increase your ability to respond to a quickly changing marketplace with ongoing development and testing
    • Empower store associates with in-store technologies such as:
      • Mobile POS
      • In Store Navigation
      • Speak to Locate
      • Snap and Learn
      • On Shelf Availability