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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Shifting winds of change in MDM

Posted by

Gaurav Dhall
Global Head, Mobility Solutions at Wipro Technologies



The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement represents a turning point in workplace mobility, shifting the balance in technology choices from IT to the end user. According to a 2012 Forrester report, more than two-thirds of North American and European end users today personally choose their workplace smartphones and tablets, while close to 50 percent select laptops outside the company-approved device list. Statistics such as these illustrate not only how BYOD trends have penetrated the marketplace but also how business leaders have embraced this tremendous opportunity.

However, for the successful implementation of true enterprise mobility, companies need to provide more than just device choice. They must offer their employees mobile access to appropriate applications and data for their roles. Wipro, a recognized leader and forerunner in this arena, collaborates with customers to define, design, and implement mobility strategies that enhance business productivity while keeping corporate resources secure. To accomplish this mission requires striking the right balance between simple, streamlined access for the end user and effective Mobile Device Management (MDM) for IT. We bring these two requirements together through our consulting engagements and work with business leaders and IT organizations.

As our customers continue to broaden their mobile access options, we will continue to create strategies and implement solutions that extend mobile management beyond MDM point solutions. Citrix has taken a meaningful step in this direction with their announcement of XenMobile MDM Edition and the Citrix Mobile Solutions Bundle. The Citrix Mobile Solutions Bundle is a comprehensive enterprise mobility management solution designed to round out their portfolio of mobile-optimized solutions such as XenDesktop and NetScaler.

Based on our experience in the marketplace and what we believe most effectively serves organizational mobile management needs today and tomorrow, this approach by Citrix is a welcomed advancement.


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