This holiday season, Wipro will donate books on your behalf to children from underserved communities in

Our Initiative

As technologies and economies evolve, it is imperative that we equip the next generation with an interest in lifelong learning, be it in STEM subjects or in literature and the arts.

Wipro is committed to giving back to the areas in which we operate. In partnership with First Book - a non-profit social enterprise - Wipro has distributed over 290,000 books across the globe. Hundreds of volunteers have hosted employee engagements at elementary schools, gifted and read aloud diverse, bilingual books, provided backpacks, helped build and rebuild classroom libraries, and more.

Last year, Wipro’s CEO Gifting Program provided high-quality books and educational resources across 779 programs/schools in 5 continents, distributing new books to more than 79,000 children during the holiday season. This year, we will deliver 25,000 more brand-new books and resources across the globe. Together, Wipro and First Book's network of educators will ensure that books given in your honor will go to children of the greatest need.

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Last year, Wipro's CEO Gifting Program distributed more than 21,000 books to over 200 schools and programs that are part of the First Book Network in the US & Canada.

Last year, Fundación Escuela Nueva (FEN) distributed over 400 books for their participating students through the CEO Gifting Program in Colombia. FEN seeks to improve the lives of children and their families through education that empowers and enables them as individuals. Through their educational model, FEN also seeks to improve the quality, relevance, and competency of education by focusing on the learner and promoting active, participatory, cooperative, and personalized learning.

Last year, Books for Asia, a program of The Asia Foundation, donated over 24,000 books in India and Sri Lanka. The organization works to provide books and digital content to students, educators, and leaders. Their goal is to instill a love of reading in students, which is essential for literacy; and enhance the necessary language skills to compete in the global economy. Through this program, Books for Asia reached schools that serve children in rural areas and government-run municipal schools, which have libraries or classroom libraries easily accessible to children in need.

Additionally, the Madrasati’s initiative “My School”, based in Jordan, distributed 700 books through the CEO Gifting Program. Madrasati mobilizes individuals to guarantee safe spaces for learning, raise teacher morale, and garner societal support for education. Madrasati was launched to tackle the urgent needs of 500 schools in educational and physical situations in need of reform. Their goal is to create safe and dynamic environments that contribute to improving the quality of education at selected schools.

Last year, Read to Rise distributed 2600 books through the CEO Gifting Program in South Africa. The organization works to promote youth literacy in schools in underserved communities and includes interactive sessions to get students excited about reading and improve literacy levels.

Last year, BookTrust – the UK's largest children's reading charity – distributed over 1800 books through the CEO Gifting Program. The organization reached children across the country by providing books, resources and support to help develop a love of reading. Books are delivered through their schools and Letterbox Clubs, which send monthly books to children in the mail to build their home libraries.

In Hungary, the Real Pearl Foundation distributed over 800 books through the CEO Gifting Program. The Foundation focuses on literacy and art education, as well as social services for families to build up communities in need.

In the Czech Republic, COSIV distributed over 600 books through the CEO Gifting Program. COSIV was founded to engage and empower individual education stakeholders, while building local and national relationships. Resources that were provided through this program last year were distributed to children hospitalized for intellectual disabilities.