Enterprises around the world have survived one of the most significant challenges their business will ever face. ​As we pivot from recovery to resilience, companies are embracing technology to build more agile, distributed, and data-driven models that can insulate against future disruptions. With Wipro by their side, businesses can forge a future that’s resilient, responsive, and sustainable.
Thierry Delaporte
Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director
Invest in Enterprise Agility to Succeed in the New Normal
Enterprises have spent years talking about agility.
Seemingly overnight, COVID-19 forced businesses to migrate
those conversations from the boardroom to an action plan.
As the global community navigates this disruption, agility and
resilience have become critical not only to survive, but to thrive.
Wipro’s global workforce balances business acumen with deep expertise in cloud technologies, cybersecurity, AI, and automation – the four cornerstones of tomorrow’s tech-driven enterprise. We help businesses achieve a cloud-native future that’s secure, agile, and intelligent. We partner with clients to develop custom technologies that enable them to provide a superior customer experience. We collaborate with customers to envision, design, and deploy innovations that empower them to capitalize on the exciting opportunities ahead. And most of all, we help clients build sustainable futures for their business and society.
Rajan Kohli

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Digital Distribution Centers Powering the Future of DTC
In DTC growth, historic attention on the front-end capabilities around
content, personalization, improving customer experience, etc.
has given way to improving back-end fulfilment capabilities through
distribution center automation.
Prototyping Technologies to Accelerate Transformation
Wipro's Silicon Valley Innovation Center is a 35,000 square feet
research and development center in Mountain View, California,
which features a rapid prototyping lab that swiftly brings
cutting-edge concepts to reality. The Center specializes in AI,
machine learning, mixed reality, IoT and cloud, and offers adaptive
and collaborative workspaces for clients.
Sustainable Urban Mobility - Moovster Mobility-as-a-Service for smart cities
City dwellers today have many ways to get around: subways,
bike-sharing, ride-sharing, and more. But flexible mobility is not yet
supported by employers, and sustainable mobility behavior in cities
isn't rewardable so far. Always ahead of the curve, BMW wanted to
develop a more flexible way of managing mobility for its employees.
So Design-it a Wipro company teamed up with BMW to design
the future of sustainable urban mobility.
Transforming Software Development with Crowdsourcing
Topcoder, successfully delivered stunning intuitive dashboard
design concepts for the US Navy through a 72-hour Rapid
User Experience (RUX) design challenge. The dashboard
design concepts, including the incorporation of SMEs
(Subject Matter Experts) feedback, had to be delivered in
under three days time...!

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