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The Perfect Factory

Posted by: Vivek Venugopalan | September 06, 2012

A decade or so ago, manufacturing excellence was synonymous with long production runs, high capacity utilization within the boundaries of the plant. In today’s world of growth, excellence is determined by a company’s ability to rapidly and profitably respond to customer and market demand where dynamic schedules, multi-product lines and processes to tailor products are the norms.

Using SoLoMo to influence customer’s buying decisions

Posted by: Vivek Venugopalan | December 26, 2011

Over the years, the consumer goods industry has focused on increasing its brand affinity and recall through various business tools from coupons and rebates to bundled products and two-for-the-price-of-one schemes. However, today’s mobile-armed and socially networked consumers are demanding new and more convenient ways to shop that meet the needs of their evolving lifestyle. As the consumer begins to favor newer methods of communication, like social media, these channels and technologies have created new behavior patterns in consumers, which in turn unlock new opportunities.

Beautiful Code:It is in the hands of the craftsman

Posted by: Vivek Venugopalan | December 21, 2011

The last time I checked, we were in the business of providing IT services predominantly for our clients. So when the annual ACSAT exercise completed and one of the key weaknesses was code quality, I started to wonder what we were really doing anyway?

Practical Choices : Selecting the Right Programming Language in a Complex/Multi-Language Environment?

Posted by: Vivek Venugopalan | December 11, 2011

I had an interesting debate in the team on which is the right programming language for Hadoop, the open source distributed computing engine from Apache. One of my architects was looking for recommendations from the rest of the team on what would be the right choice for the best programming language for building applications on Hadoop.

Money is made where people congregate

Posted by: Vivek Venugopalan | April 02, 2010

I have been using this adage that I had coined in quite a few of the customer meetings. It sounds corny but this is a universal truth that every retail business / social activist have figured out over time and have exploited well. From the bazaars of the ages to the malls of the modern world, they were all formed for this exact reason – allow people to congregate in one place so that you can sell products and services to them.