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Technology at Rescue- The ’Cloud’ of Safety

Posted by: Vivek Sharma | December 27, 2013

India has been slipping on the Global Peace Index rankings year after year and last year it was ranked amongst 20% of the most unsafe countries in the world (ranked 142 out of 158 on Global Peace Index). It is a major cause of concern since the safety of its citizens is of utmost importance for the good health and prosperity of any government. A safe and secure citizenry will actively participate in nation building activities and thereby foster economic growth.

The 'New Age Civil Servants'

Posted by: Vivek Sharma | December 20, 2013

There is a gap in citizen expectation of technology enabled connectivity and faster turnaround and the speed and efficiency with can be provided by outdated government paper and ink procedures. It is time to bring government departments up to speed with technology.

Can Technology Drive Socio - Economic Growth in India

Posted by: Vivek Sharma | October 18, 2013

India recently celebrated its 66th independence day. A look back reveals that it has come a long way from being a largely agro based society and economy to the globalized and liberated India of 2013.The economic reforms in the 1990s coupled with growth in technology put India on the world map as one of the fastest growing economies. However, the recent global financial and economic crisis did have an impact on India’s economic growth momentum.