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Responsive design - The time is now

Posted by: Vittaldas Kashyap | July 10, 2013

Mobile broadband subscriptions have been growing at 45% over the last four years and the total number of people accessing the web over mobile devices stands at 1.1 billion. The range and type of smartphones and devices flooding the market today is overwhelming. Every other person carries a different phone or a tablet. And yet they are looking for the same seamless content flow and user experience. Media consumption patterns are changing. Content delivery strategy needs to change as well.

Improving Mobile Usability

Posted by: Vittaldas Kashyap | December 19, 2012

We have seen an extraordinary rate of growth in mobile use in recent years, with global mobile data traffic more than doubling for the fourth year in a row. It is predicted that by 2014, mobile will overtake fixed Internet access, and will continue to be the fastest growing platform for at least the next five years.