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Data visualization: Making an impact with maps

Posted by: Abhijit Pattnaik | September 18, 2017

This happened to me some time back last week when I was looking at a social media dashboard. It had a world map with visualized representation (showing social engagement) of the interest of people in playing computer games.

Are you looking at analytics right?

Posted by: Abhijit Pattnaik | September 18, 2017

The momentum around the Qliks and Tableaus of the world is taking the space of analytics by force and we are all keen and scurrying to get on that bandwagon - Running our pilots, testing out the performances of these tools, checking its effectiveness on Big Data sources and of course, moving into visualizations.

Visualizing Data or Painting the Pig

Posted by: Abhijit Pattnaik | September 01, 2017

An increasing number of mobile subscribers are using their phones to practically do everything – from checking emails, using enterprise applications, shopping, availing government-citizen services