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Digital transformation and cloud – A tight coupling

Posted by: Vikram Chandna | December 06, 2018

Cloud computing is the foundation of the technologies that enable digital transformation.

Digital Transformation with the User at the Center

Posted by: Vikram Chandna | October 01, 2018

Financial services organizations are emerging as the leading adopters of Artificial Intelligence technology

Are your Operations Intelligent enough?

Posted by: Vikram Chandna | June 27, 2018

A blog on artificial intelligence in banking operations, by Vikram Chandna. Vikram is the Vice President of banking, financial services and insurance business in Latin America in Wipro and is also responsible for Wipro’s top client globally.

Expansion in a regulation constrained market - The Banking Industry's dilemma

Posted by: Vikram Chandna | February 28, 2012

As we step into 2012 and look back on the state of the banking industry, we can see that the sector is slowly returning to health after the effects of the economic slowdown. However, there is still a long way to go. Increased regulations are squeezing the profits of the banking industry.