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Effective Customer Experience Management for Utilities

Posted by: Vijay Perepa | September 14, 2013

It has become important for water utilities across the globe to consider customer experience management as a top priority in terms of having a strategic and operational focus as well as considering investments to continuously improve the same. So far, water utilities have had a good run in most developed countries. Operating in a monopolistic operating environment in the allocated geographic regions, their focus had always been on investments in operations and satisfying regulation as a priority.

The Aware and Intelligent Water Utility

Posted by: Vijay Perepa | October 01, 2012

Many of the world’s most successful leaders give importance to their sixth sense or intuition. Today there is a whole new breed of intelligent intuition cropping up. Situational intelligence – a military term – refers to comprehensive awareness of the situation on the ground which, coupled with intelligence, is used to increase effectiveness and reduce the number of armed forces required in combat.