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IoE/IoT & MDM - An Inflection Point or a Good Case for Convergence?

Posted by: Venkataraman Ramanathan | January 31, 2017

Long live Acronyms! Am sure you agree it is fun to throw around a couple of them in a conversation and see the ‘awe’ around. Well, you could give yourself a bit of a back-pat for the time spent on the internet.

Organization Strategy

Machine Learnable Data Management - the Circle of Influence!

Posted by: Venkataraman Ramanathan | December 13, 2016

Let’s throw in some acronyms – CDO, CDO (yeah there are two of them!) DG, DQ, DS, CXOs and let us limit ourselves here. Vantage Point was a great movie. The director shows us one incident from six different vantage points.

Technology Trends

Transitioning into 'Machine Learnable' Data Management

Posted by: Venkataraman Ramanathan | December 02, 2016

“I’ll be back” – says Schwarzenegger in one of my all-time favorite series, the Terminator. The story and the fiction, at that point in time of release, had an ‘awe’ element to everything that we saw on the screen.

Digital brings new opportunities for Retail Master Data Management (MDM)

Posted by: Venkataraman Ramanathan | August 27, 2015

For retailers, digital technologies are increasing the number of customer touch points. The most direct implication of this has been the tremendous growth in the availability of customer data with the addition of new touch points – which is both encouraging as well as overwhelming.

Master Data in the age of Internet of Things (IoT)

Posted by: Venkataraman Ramanathan | December 02, 2014

“Space: the final frontier...” – said Captain Kirk while on his voyage around the universe in the Starship enterprise. Well, can we say that about data in an enterprise? Let’s take the small tour.

A Perfect combination: 'MDM' and 'Big Data'

Posted by: Venkataraman Ramanathan | November 11, 2014

Today, enterprises are becoming more customer-centric and are trying to know more and more about their customer preferences by collecting all kinds of data from available sources. These data, essentially termed as ‘big data’, typically encompasses large volumes of texts and other forms of unstructured behavioral data from a variety of sources.

MDM: The Cassandra Conundrum

Posted by: Venkataraman Ramanathan | November 04, 2013

Greek legend has it that when Apollo fell for the beautiful Cassandra, daughter of the King of Troy (nope, Brad Pitt wasn't in the works then!), she spurned him. An angry Apollo, who had earlier provided her the gift of prophecy, cursed her saying that nobody would ever believe what she foretold. Looks like MDM consultants share the same fate, as of now at least.