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Imagining New Frontiers

Posted by: Vedavyasa Bhat | May 14, 2013

Whether it is Star Trek or Avatar, the adventure of new worlds has always fascinated us and numerous stories, spectacularly depicted through the use of latest technology, kept us engrossed in a new world. At the core of these fascinating tales of fiction is mankind’s desire to explore and find new worlds and resources. In the Energy and Mining industries, available and accessible natural resources play the most important role closely followed by enabling technologies. Finding them, extracting them and utilizing them, in the most efficient and ecologically sensitive manner would pretty much sum up what companies in these industries are looking to do.

Hunger for talent: A technology opportunit

Posted by: Vedavyasa Bhat | February 26, 2013

The petroleum industry, once a strong magnet to top echelon graduating students, is no longer a major attraction. In recent years, economic conditions, eroding oil prices, and a large menu of alternate career choices have caused new graduates to shun oil and gas companies in favour of industries that seem more exciting. A result of this trend has been shortage in adequate replacements for the industry’s aging workforce. Over time, this has created a serious gap between seasoned experienced personnel and young inexperienced employees.

Rooting for Sustainability

Posted by: Vedavyasa Bhat | January 29, 2013

Health, Safety & Environment or HSE has been the focal point of sustainability and CSR efforts of organizations the world over. I believe that the HSE policies of major corporations play an important role in safeguarding the environment, the well-being of their personnel, the communities that they operate in, and the overall sustained economic growth of their country. In their Environment Management Systems report, the Royal Society of Chemistry or RSC found that HSE is given not sufficient emphasis by a majority of companies around the world. They could take a leaf out of the book of corporate leaders who have well etched and effective HSE policies in place that work towards the betterment and sustainability of not only their business but also the community and nation at large.