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The IOT Revolution in Mining

Posted by: Vasuki Upadhya | September 11, 2015

IOT and Big Data are changing the way we do business. IOT is the future of the mining industry because it is truly disruptive as it is affordable and leverages advanced sensor technologies, a variety of connectivity networks

Five Drivers for Mobility in Mining

Posted by: Vasuki Upadhya | January 09, 2015

In late October 2014, a coal mine accident in Turkey caused the death of several mine workers. Each time I come across such an incident in the news, I wonder if better technology, especially full-fledged adoption of mobility, could have helped avert it. To be fair, of late, I find many mining companies embracing the concept of mobility.

An IT Framework for Intelligent Airports

Posted by: Vasuki Upadhya | September 11, 2014

While the need for intelligent airports is well established like explained in a previous blog by my colleague, most IT investments in airport infrastructure are taken with a piecemeal approach.

Simplifying the E&C Maze with Technology

Posted by: Vasuki Upadhya | February 11, 2014

The global engineering and construction (E&C) industry is expected to be worth $4,562.6 billion by the end of 2017.