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Need for CFO to be Organization’s Technology Evangelist

Posted by: Sriram Kannan | January 04, 2016

From being a boring back-office function performing tasks like book-keeping, reconciliations and preparing tax computations not so long ago, to being involved in deciding enterprise operational and commercial strategies currently is a long distance covered by the corporate finance function in factually not so long a time.

Money Laundering: The More We Neglect the More We Regret

Posted by: Sriram Kannan | December 21, 2015

The repercussions of money laundering have manifested themselves in outcomes much worse than one could anticipate. Yet the ever increasing threat to socio-economic development as a result of resources dwindling into illicit channels seems like a mere tip of the iceberg.

The CFO-CRO Partnership: Answering the Call of Convergence

Posted by: Sriram Kannan | November 18, 2015

Greater the risk, greater the reward holds as true for the BFSI domain as any other. Playing the balancing game between profitability and risk has become all the more challenging with the rise in economic uncertainty, increased defaults, volatile markets, riskier products being launched, unpredictable consumer behavior and increasing regulatory oversight.

Strategic priorities for Investment Banks - 2015

Posted by: Sriram Kannan | July 09, 2015

We may or may not have begun "the year of the goat" with a bang. That depends on which side of the globe you are. Well, it’s now time to focus and re-think hard on some of the strategic priorities for 2015.

Is High-frequency Trading (HFT) the new normal

Posted by: Sriram Kannan | July 02, 2015

Over the years, storied Investment banks such as GS, JPM, CS et al, next-gen HFT/Electronic trading firms like Tradeworx Inc, Tradebot Systems, KCG etc. and even some large hedge funds have developed several nouveau high-frequency strategies