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Is the data discovery wave already here?

Posted by: Srinath Sridhar | February 11, 2016

Research firm Gartner in its strategic planning assumption predicted that data discovery will be a different market category by 2017. However the real question to ask is whether the data discovery wave has already arrived?

Beyond Traditional Business Intelligence

Posted by: Srinath Sridhar | February 09, 2016

Today’s organizations manage vast amounts of data using state-of-the-art Big Data ecosystems. However these processes have limitations arising from the narrow set of pre-defined hypothesis that users have. Organizations today are starting to understand that the reports and business intelligence (BI) thrown up by the analysis is not enough.

Community Analytics: Translating Community Chatter into Profit

Posted by: Srinath Sridhar | August 03, 2015

Analytics is becoming a part of practically every activity within enterprises. Deploying it to understand the pulse of a community can deliver direct business outcomes.

Hyper personalize or bust

Posted by: Srinath Sridhar | July 06, 2015

The world of "Customers who bought this item also bought…" and "Frequently bought together" cross-selling and upselling is becoming dated. Doing this is no longer enough. Conventional personalization is being replaced